About Us

The Karna is a complete speech and hearing care clinic. Set up in 2000, The Karna in the past 19 years has earned a reputation as a centre of excellence in catering to medical needs in connection with speech and hearing of the people of the Eastern part of India. We have already setup five centers in Kolkata and its neighbouring areas. These are at Salt Lake, Chandannagar, Park Circus, Madhyamgram, Tobin Road, Karimpur – Nadia and considering to provide the best services for the interest of the suffering humanities.


The following activities are done here with sincere, care and devotion under one roof:

  • Pure tone Audiometry / Speech Audiometry / TDT / SRT / SDS / SISI etc.
  • Tympanometry (Impedence Audiometry).
  • OAE – Otoacoustic Emission.
  • Bera – Brainstem evoked response audiometry.
  • Speech Therapy & Voice Therapy.
  • LARYNGOSCOPY (Throat) .
  • Hearing Aid Trial, Fitting, Counselling and Programming.
  • Making of Custom Made Ear Mould (Hard/Soft).

With a view to getting excellent results we are ought to serious about the following heads:

  • Place of Testing: Complete Acoustic sound treated room
  • Apparatus: Modern scientific up-to-date sophisticated and calibrated testing equipments.
  • Experts: All are qualified and wide experienced in the respective subject
  • Hearing Aids: Different type of Hearing Aids are available here with proper fitting and councelling, where necessary programming is done and special care is also taken for proper fitting through custom made ear mould. At the time of selection of Hearing Aids, we take care for appropriate model for the patient’s hearing loss configuration, life style and budget.

Type of Hearing Aids: (Analog/Digital/Programmable)

  1. Pocket or Body worn
  2. BTE (Behind the ear)
  3. Custom Products like ITE (In the Ear), ITC (In the Canal), CIC (Complete in the Canal), RIC (Receiver in the Canal), RIE (Receiver in the Ear)